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How to play Zeitgeist Card Game?

Hello guys, I have been thinking of making a thread for a while (Haha maybe it's just me, but it feels kinda intimate to expose your game to the world) anyways here it is...

Zeitgeist Card Game

Zeitgeist Card Game is a game I have been developing for around a year and a half. A mixture of games I love like Fire Emblem, Magic and Pokémon.

Here is an example of a card.

Structure of a card:

The board: (The image is just provisional btw)

Here's a tutorial on how to play it.

If the video is too long here´s a basic, quick, how to play:

1.- The game is played on a 7 x 9 board.

-The yellow block is the "Paramount Zone", this is where your deck goes. The objective of the game is to get to your opponent's Paramount Zone and attack them until their life reaches 0.

-The red blocks are the "Summoning Zone", this is where you can summon most of your Being cards.

-The pink blocks are the "Zeal Zone", this is where you put your Zeal -basically mana in MtG- BUT every card in the game may be placed in the Zeal zone, unlike in other games where there is a specific type of card.

2.- At the start of the game each player draws 7 cards, the player who starts the game doesn't draw at their 1st draw phase. The second player does draw a card, and so on.

3.- You put a card into your zeal zone (You can only perform this action once per turn).

4.- You may summon a being card or play other types of cards. If not, you pass turn.

5.- Eventually you will summon a being, they can move 2 or 3 blocks per turn. Most beings that cost 1,2 or 3 Zeal can move 2 blocks per turn, 4 and 5 cost usually can move 3 blocks per turn.

Here is an example of a 2-cost Being. It can move 2 blocks, the blocks marked in blue are all the possible blocks it could move to. (And the other red block I forgot to mark.)

6.- You will probably end up fighting your opponent's beings.

To do this, both beings must be within attack range, there are two types of attacks: (Actually as of now there are seven different types, but I might just simplify it to two: Physical attack and Long ranged attack).

-Physical attack: It can only target a being next to, in front of or behind the card using it.

The blocks in yellow are where my Playful Dragon could attack with first attack, which is physical.

-Long ranged attack: It can only target a being diagonal or within one block of the card using it.

The blocks in blue are where my Playful Dragon could NOT attack with its second and third attacks, since those are long ranged attacks (Remember, long ranged attacks can ONLY target something that is not next to, in front of or behind the card).

The green blocks would be valid attack targets for its long ranged attacks.

The way combat works on the game is, you attack on your turn choosing one of 3 different attack options. Your opponent then chooses one defense out of 3 defense options.

The number on the left of the attack and defense options represents the Zeal cost needed to pay for that attack or defense option, the number on the right represents the attack dealt/defense that would be blocked.

Also, you can only use one attack/defense option per turn.

That's the gist of it.


I would like to get some feedback guys, do you think the cards look too busy?

1.- I had some people over on reddit tell me the cards looked to busy, BUT I hadn't explained how to play the game, I think once you understand how to play it, it's not that complicated.

2.- Do you think I should simplify the game or cards? Maybe having 3 attack/defense options is too much? Too overwhelming?

I don't know much about site-building but like if anyone wants to give feedback that's appreciated too

And finally, does anyone have any TableTop Simulator experience? I have been testing the game by myself on TTS and playing on a mod that is used to play MTG Draft, but would like to maybe change stuff from that mod and adapt it to my game? (If interested PM me/or post here)

I think the changes would be purely cosmetic, like instead of the Mod having images from the MtG tcg have images from Zeitgeist CG, etc.

(Also, I assume you can just mod mods in TTS, right? Like no problem with the mod's creator).

Anyway if you are still here, thanks for reading

EDIT: And also, just to let you know, there are still some things that I will certainly change from the game, so right now I am collecting feedback to know what other changes I should make. So that's why I made this post, to get some feedback.

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