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Presenting: Zeitgeist Card Game

Hello friends, Rija here! Today I will present you the Zeitgeist Card Game, a game I created some time ago and I am very excited to talk about. Without further ado, let's see the first card in the Zeigeist CG.

Pretty cool, huh? It has two art variations which I drew. The first one, the one on the left was made with anime style, which I am already used to. (Also I used a photo courtesy of Vincentmatic.) The second one was on a style I had never tried, and let's just say I hope to improve.

BUT WAIT...? How are supposed to play this game? What do all those numbers mean?

Don't worry, I will just show the card's "skeleton" for now. In the next Blog post I will show you how to actually play the game, but for now please check out the cards' stats.

So... What does this all mean you may be asking? Don't be hasty, friend! I shall explain everything in full detail in the next blog entries, but for now that's it! Thanks for reading! -Rija, June 15th 2021 1:51 AM A bit sleepy but, not really tired... I dunno how I am going to wake up at 7:00 AM lol

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