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Let's check a new color: Red

Introudcing "Red" which represents the element of fire. Here is Drake of Malkvaviz the first red card, it's a Pyro Dragon (A type of being usually of the red color) with a new ability "Retreat" which is an ability that lets you move during your opponent's turn.

(BTW, in case you forgot Drake of Malkvaviz is pretty pissed because Yogi poopedo on him.. And that's why they seem to be having a staring contest. Who do you think is going to win? The brave pomeranian or the angry dragon?)

Coming up next is "Draconian Fire" a Hazard card which deals 2 damage of elemental damage to any being. Hazard cards are other type of cards. They may be played as a normal Zeitgeist card (Just pay their Zeal cost and their effects will be activated) or they can be set in the Zeal zone and from the next turn and onwards may be activated even during your opponent's turn!

Unlikely rescue is another Hazard card that for one generic zeal and a wind zeal will allow you to move one of your beings 1 block. You can use this card two ways, to attack or defend. You can be on the offensive by moving your beings one extra block in case you need it, or use it on the defense to prevent one of your opponent's attacks by moving your being after the opponent targets it with an attack.

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