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Let's check some more Zeitgeist Card Game Cards.

Hello, Rija here! Let's take a look at some cards from Zeitgeist Card Game!

Let's start with Chumina, in an unknown in a place.

Chumina is a being from another world... But why is he on earth? Well, this and many more mysteries will be solved if you pay close attention to the cards in Zeitgeist Card Game as they tell a story.

BTW this lime-green-ish frame is used to represent the Wind element. I have been thinking of changing this frame because during playtesting some people have gotten this color mixed with others... So maybe in the future Wind beings will have a different colored frame. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Coming up next is Yogi, pooping pomeranian

Yogi, pooping pomeranian is based on Yogi, my dog.

BTW my other pomeranian, Ruby, will probably also be featured in a future card.

And he is pooping on a dragon...

Do you think the dragon will like that? We will find out soon, keep on reading.

Also, the green frame represents the element of Earth.


Next up is Unwelcome present.

Unwelcome present is a new type of card, a Zeitgeist card. Chumina and Yogi were Being cards, basically your chess pieces in the board, Zeitgeist cards on the other hand are cards that have effects on the game. In this case Unwelcome present targets a being and makes it slower by putting -1 Movement counters on it until its movement is 1, that means that that being would only be able to move one block per turn. The illustration itself is supposed to be the angry dragon that just noticed there is poo all over its face and... It doesn't look happy. What will happen to Yogi?

I tried a more "realistic" style while drawing this card... I think there is room to improve, to say the least haha. Anyway, that's it for this blog, did you like the cards? Hope you did!

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